Ever felt discouragement?  For Christian men, at least by my perception, it is a bit taboo.  We have Christ, we are supposed to be happy all the time right?  If we’re not happy and content all the time than we can’t possibly be bringing God glory can we?   I think this is another misconception created as a result of us men living from our head.

Case in point, I had a race recently, a half marathon.  I was trained up to the best my schedule would allow and I didn’t quite make the goal I had hoped for.  Missed it by 2 min 45 sec.  However, in the days that followed I was faced with a whole load of feelings that sweep over me like a flood.  What do I do?  Well I’ve learned that I have to be really responsible with this stuff, it is heavy material that has to be handled with care.  I’ve got to communicate it with my wife, first, but also my brothers.  Men have a way of understanding one another like no one else can, especially a woman.  Great encouragement comes through other men who relate to problems we face, without telling us how we should feel about it.

Discouragement is a real, strong feeling that DOES occur in nature!  God grows us through it as we let Him work through our fellowship and our honesty about how it affects us.  When the world see’s us Christian men with real feelings they will not feel so intimidated by our “righteousness”.  God never promises that as Christians, life will be peaches and cream.  He does, however, promise to ALWAYS be there to walk us through the difficulties in life with the nearness of His Presence and love.  Hallelujah!