So we observed the silent Lord’s Supper last night.  In the past years, whenever I partake in communion, I have developed the habit of taking my cracker and breaking it in my hands.  Seeing how it breaks and looking at it in humble observance has helped me see the broken body of Christ and has really brought a reality to me of how His body was broken for me.

However, earlier this spring, I went to break my cracker and a whisper in my spirit prompted me to keep it whole.  As was the case last night.  As I stared at it whole in my hand, it overwhelmed me that the body of Christ is whole, it is complete, perfect in it’s design.  His body is US!  In all our imperfection, all our inadequacy, together we make up a perfect, nebulous entity that reflects Christ.  And that is perfect!

I was personally blessed by the perfection of the body, in the way we, as a body, served together in the Christmas musical and through our latest men’s meeting.  One was a large group of men and women all chipping in a little to do a LOT!  It was absolutely beautiful in its function, like a well oiled machine.  Then you had a group of men, made in God’s image to represent His masculinity to the world, pressing in to know one another better, taking risks with one another, regardless of the depth.

I am honored to be a small part of this beautiful body of Christ.  He is masterful in His design of it all and brings glory to Himself through our weakness and willingness to be a part of it.